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Fun, Challenge, Adventure

gallery/Web_Pages/images/158_1151893230.jpg Young people can and do make powerful contributions to the world right now.

Providing fun, challenge & adventure for all school-aged males, BB trains and empowers young people for effective leading & mission impact in their world today.

With an unashamedly Christian foundation, BB has a proven track record for reaching out and providing mentoring programs for boys of all backgrounds, abilities & interests - broadening their horizons and skills with international recognition for their achievements.

For further details ask at your church or contact one of our State or National Offices.

BB is first and foremost a training ministry for boys into how to think and live like Christ in their world - irregardless of their profession of faith. They become true Christians (Christ-like) when they bear the fruit of Christ (Matt 7:20).

Too much of contemporary youth ministry is about getting young people to make a profession of faith and to fit into ‘church-culture’ - and so like recent research shows, 80% of young people who make a profession of faith in their teens, give it up after high school (suggesting only shallow foundations).

BB is about establishing firm foundations (Matt 7:25), long-term, throughout a boy’s life (from 5-6 years old upwards). That is, we have up to 12 years to anchor their faith firmly. BB provides a consistent structured approach to developing them for the long term (hence the slogan on the bottom) - no other ministry consistently spans children & youth like Brigade does.

The web site highlights the new BB aim: “fun, challenge and adventure”; as well as highlighting our outreach potential to those that don’t identify as Christians, our focus on service to the communty, leadership development and the Queen’s Badge.

So next time some one in the church asks ‘Why Brigade?’ - tell them: long-term training for long term results, & training boys for leading and impacting their world.


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Peter Wiseman (13 Jun 2017)

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