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15th PA Camp

Camp PentaPAC

The PentaPAC award can only be gained at a Pan Australian Camp and can be achieved at either silver or gold level. If you are successful you will be presented with a PentaPAC Certificate at camp. A metal badge is available to wear on your BB uniform after camp (or a coloured backcloth if you achieved the PentaPAC Badge at a previous PAC). Your Captain orders this for you after camp.

The requirements for the award are:


Complete at least 3 of the 5 sides at either silver or gold standard, one of which must be Devotions.


Complete all 5 sides at the gold standard.

The five sides are:
1. Devotions: This will be a time of Bible study, group discussion, personal reflection and prayer. Assessment will be based on committed participation in the morning and evening devotional times. The Devotional studies are divided into 3 parts: a Case Study, a Media Reflection and a Scripture Reflection. Your genuine attempt to understand all the Scripture Reflection questions in the workbook is mandatory to qualify you for the PentaPAC silver award. Your genuine attempt to understand both the Scripture and Media Reflections for those 13 BB Age and under, or Scripture Reflection and Case Studies for those 14 BB Age and over will count towards gold. Assessment will be based on you tackling the issues raised in the questions and attempting to understand them, rather than some right versus wrong criteria.

2. Discover Sydney: On the Discover Sydney day you will have various points of interest to visit in Sydney and a number of questions to find answers to. 75% of answers correct will be needed for silver and 90% for gold.

3. Electives: Demonstrated participation and improvement in at least 2 of your elective activities are the standards to be met. Supervising Officers will make an assessment of your participation and good behaviour.

4. Inter-Camp Company Games Competition: This will be a team based competition in a variety of games and sports. You will need to register and actively participate in one of these teams.

5. On-site Adventure Activities: A card will be given to you at camp, listing a range of activities available at the camp site (Abseiling Tower, Vertical Cluster, Giant Swing, High Ropes, Mountain Bikes, Mission Impossible, Archery and Leap of Faith). You will have the opportunity to participate in 6 of these activities. Satisfactory participation in at least 3 will be required for silver and 4 for gold. The card must be stamped by the Supervising Officer at each activity to indicate your satisfactory participation and then handed to your Camp Company PentaPAC Officer.

All participants in the PentaPAC award should aim to achieve the Gold Badge. This will be a real achievement however, the Silver Badge means you have given the tasks your best effort.

As it will be peak summer time, you should always have ample water supplies close at hand. You will not be able to perform at your best and may not enjoy the events if you become dehydrated. When you visit Sydney on the Discover Sydney and Sydney Your Way activities, you will need a daypack to carry your lunch, which will be provided from Camp. If you buy the number of drinks to quench your thirst while finding the required points of interest, you might find you are spending a large amount of money. It would be advisable to bring you own drinks from camp in your daypack.

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(6 Jul 2006)

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