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15th PA Camp

Camp Seniors Club

The club (situated above the Dining Room) is where Senior Boys (for the purpose of PAC X-5, those 15 BB age in 2004 and older) and NCOs can meet together at the end of each day for times of fellowship. Seniors will have exclusive access to the clubroom for the last hour of on-site evening activities prior to Lights Out. Seniors should be mindful of younger campers who may be asleep when they return to their cabins.

On-Site Adventure Activities

The campsite will be used for many on-site activities. The ropes course will be open to all as part of the on-site program. No person will be permitted to use the rope course outside the times set down in the program. Qualified instructors will supervise on-site activities. Some Officers will assist these instructors. Mission Impossible is an orienteering based activity based on a James Bond style search and destroy mission. A team is required to find its way around a set course by directions found at a number of hidden sites around the course. It is fun and requires a real team effort. If your team does not complete the course in the given time – you’re dead.

Volleyball Competition

The Pan-Australian Camp Volleyball Competition has been held at every PA Camp since the Centenary Camp Canberra in 1983. If your company has six or more boys attending camp, why not enter a team?


Bring along spare Company shoulder titles, battalion badges, and other Brigade items to swap at camp with the other campers. This is a traditional PAC activity, which will provide contacts and memories after it’s all over. It is always interesting to swap items with overseas members of The Boys’ Brigade.


With this PAC Guide you will receive an information sheet confirming to which electives you have been assigned. When you arrive at camp you will receive a copy of the program for your Company. You'll need to study your program carefully and make sure that you prepare for outings and activities, so that there will be no unnecessary delays for the group you are in. Your Company Adjutant will have a list for each day, detailing who is involved in each activity, so check with him if you are uncertain of what you are supposed to be doing, or where you are expected to be. If you are unable to participate in a scheduled activity for any reason, you must make sure that the Program Office is advised. All campers must be accounted for, and your absence could delay departure or return if you are not where you are expected to be. It may be possible to reschedule participation for another time if you let the Program Office know early (and you have a valid reason, such as illness).

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