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14th PA Camp

Day 2 at 2K2 Camp

From the Director

Well, thanks to all for helping make the start of 2K2 a great one. I trust the weather has been ideal for the type of activity that you've done today. For a few of you, some changes have been made to the original plans to cope with the recent weather conditions. Whether or not this applies to you, be enthusiastic and get to know the others with you. Many Brigaders across Australia have made life-long friends with others interstate and overseas through events like Pan-Australian Camps. I encourage you to concentrate on your PAC-Think, remembering that these are a requirement for both PentaPac Awards. If at any time you are finding the studies difficult or wish to discuss any matters further, consult your elective leaders or cabin leader or chaplain. I hope you enjoyed today.

Chaplain Profile:

Steve, the Chaplain for Ginninderra, has been the Associate Pastor (Youth) at Belconnen Baptist Church (ACT) for the last four years. At 14, he became a committed Christian and currently says he is passionate about sport, Turkish food and movies. Through his life he has tried hard to find satisfaction and meaning in many things (sport, music, relationships, etc) - but when it comes down to it - having a relationship with Jesus is central to his life and that's why he enjoys sport, food & his family (he has 3 kids). Steve believes in enjoying life and making the most of what we've been given, because all great things come from God, and Jesus came to give each of us life - life to the max. God is absolutely crazy abut each of us, and Steve hopes that all campers will see during and beyond 2K2 what lengths God will go for us to know that.

Brief 2K2 News

Travelling together often brings people closer. For two Scots, their travels have helped them get so comfortable, that they're now wearing clothes of their friends. Or maybe it has more to do with lost luggage! The first letter for a camper arrived on Wednesday - it was posted 4 days before camp started. Some mothers must really miss them!

Movie Theatres

We have two movie theatres operating tonight: one in the dining hall and one in the marque (where the opening ceremony was). Dining Hall Movie Theatre: 7:30 VeggieTales: Comedy. Story of Flibber-o-loo & the Gourds must be crazy. Featuring the classic Silly Song with Larry "Where is my hairbrush?" Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber host two tales: a Biblical and a sci-fi spoof. Why is VeggieTales so popular with youth… for the answers come along. 8:00 Shanghai Noon: Action/Comedy: Kungfu action, outrageous stunts, explosions and cowboys in the wild American West - the only way Jackie Chan can do it. Lucy Lui plays the beautiful princess kidnapped in China that Jackie has to rescue. (105 mins). Marque Movie Theatre: 7:30 Wallace & Gromit - A Grand day out: Cracking adventure. Wallace the inventor and his faithful dog Gromit build a rocket to fly to the moon in search for more cheese. Amazing plasticine animation. 7:55 Shrek: Comedy/Adventure: Ogres, dragons, talking donkeys and a beautiful kung-fu fighting princess - in an amazing computer animated movie - with the voices of Mike Meyers, Eddie Murphy and Cameron Diaz. (133mins)

Exclusive Photo:

We promised it yesterday, and we finally tracked him down. Here's a photo of Mark, our head chaplain, looking extremely excited about all you guys being in the Zone!

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(6 Jul 2006)

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