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14th PA Camp

Day 3 at 2K2 Camp

From the Director

Congratulations on getting into the swing of 2K2 so quickly. It's great to see so many excited faces back from electives today, and especially the Seniors' faces after their dance party with Girls' Brigade. In amongst all the fun and new friendships, please remember the challenge we'll keep putting in front of you. In life we all have times of trial during which we have difficulty in meeting the challenge. During these times our faith may be tested. By maintaining a close relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ the passage through these stormy times will be eased. God bless.

Owen (56) - A Personal Experience:

Interview by Ben (106)
Ben (pictured right): So Owen, tell us about your first day of electives. Owen (pictured left): It was awesome!! At the guerrilla warfare (video production) where I was stationed, we were led by the mighty Andrew Chua, and learned that iMacs are great for some things, in this case video editing. We started off by learning about the cameras we would be using, and then shooting a small amount of footage, with which we made short movies, which can be viewed with permission from Mr Andrew Chua. Ben: Sounds like it would be fun to see some of this footage. How can I view it? Owen: Some may be shown in the evenings in one of the two movie theatres, and we are also producing the camp video, which will be shown in the closing ceremony. So beware: if you see an orange-haired man or someone else pointing a camera at you, you may see yourself later. Ben: What do you expect to be doing for the next two days, in your elective? Owen: More filming and more learning! We will become familiar with a very elite program, called Final Cut Pro, which is used in post-production by TV stations (and us) to edit movies and clips. I'm looking forward to a great two days!

The 14th PAC Chess Challenge

Duntroon challenges Lanyon, Yarralumla and Ginninderra to put their two best chess players up against the two best from each other quadrant to find the camp's ultimate strategist. Each quadrant's entries should be submitted to Mr John Redsell, Cabin Officer for 314 by Tuesday night. If he is unavailable, any Duntroon Officer will pass it along to him.

Penta Pac Officers

In striving for your PentaPac, you will find your Quadrant's PentaPac Officer extremely useful - for getting answers, and after all you need to report to them about your achievements. So here's the list by Quadrants: Duntroon - Don Smith Ginninderra - Andrew Pankhurst Lanyon - Richard Williams Yarralumla - Carlisle Wyllie.

Sunday night Movies

Dining Room Movie Theatre 8:30PM Chicken Run - Comedy/Action. Chickens have to escape before they get their heads chopped. More animation from the makers of Wallace and Gromit. Marque Move Theatre 7:30PM Wallace & Gromit - Two further episodes of inventor Wallace and his ever faithful and resourceful dog - who once again have to foil some evil plans. 8:30PM Spy Kids - Action/Comedy. An evil genius creates 500 spy kids - robots under his control that look like human children. To stop him the Cortez family needs to use all their resources to stop them. A movie filled with ultra-cool high-tech gadgets and effects.

Senior Dance Party

GB over the last week had their own national camp here in Canberra, and for the first time ever we saw Aussie & overseas Senior-aged GB & BB'ers come together for a truly great night of meeting, trying to talk over loud music, dancing, moshing and the usual exchange of contact details at the close of the night. There were some pretty impressive displays of dancing and many chocolates scored by outstanding dancers. Timothy R has to be congratulated for his effort of introducing himself to every girl that was there on the night.

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(6 Jul 2006)

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