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14th PA Camp

Day 4 at 2K2 Camp

From the Director

Welcome back to all offsite elective participants. I know the weather conditions may not have been what you expected for your elective, however I am sure it didn't prevent you from having exciting adventures. Lets hear about what your most exciting time was especially the fish tales. Tonight you will meet another challenge as Jerry Pipes and Mickey Henderson present the first of our Rally nights. I am looking forward to this exciting part of our Camp and to the music of the 2K2 band. If you are challenged from the Rally please let your Chaplains know so that they can provide you with some material that will assist. Let your time in the Zone bring you closer to Jesus.

Main Speaker Profile:

Dr Jerry Pipes is currently Director of Ministry Evangelism on the North American Mission Board. He has been the US President's advisor on tackling the US drug problem. He has authored three books and produced numerous booklets and training processes with more than 12 million copies in print.

The Chaplain's Base

Cabin 20 is the base for the Chaplains - Mark Schultz and Josh Carmichael. Everyone is welcome to drop in and have a chat or ask questions or share a joke. If no one is in the cabin at the time, please drop a note (& your name and camper number) and we'll get back to you pretty soon.

Upcoming Thredbo Trip

Ginninderra & Yarralumla Quadrants are off to Mt Kosciuszko tomorrow. It's time to retreat from the heat to the cold. Yesterday at the top of the chairlift, the minimum temperature was -2 degrees. The highest it got was 8 degrees. At Thredbo Village the temperature ranged between 3-13 degrees. We're expecting showers and thunderstorms. Make sure you guys rug up and are prepared for it.

Worship Leader Profile:

Mickey Henderson is the Minister of Music and Worship at the first Baptist Church, Texas. Mickey has been the guest soloist on radio and television programs and worship leader for several national US ministry events.

BB Badge Swapping

One of the enduring traditions of PA Camp is the swapping (or selling/buying) of cloth badges and titles. Some collect and keep them under secure lock and key - others wear them proudly on their camp shirts or other tops. Whatever you do with them - they clearly show you get around a lot! Tamworth NSW has a new release, as has the SA and Qld Contingents - and there are probably others with things to collect. During the Open Day on Saturday there will be plenty of opportunity to get your own piece of others! And if you can't wait, just ask the people around you - "hey, want to swap a badge?"

Movie Theatre

For the next three nights, we'll only have one movie theatre going. Stay tuned for the details of what's showing. Dining Hall Movie Theatre: 8:30PM Mystery lights of Navajo Mesa: Mystery. Unexplained disappearances, mystery lights, and an increasingly silent local sheriff - all linked to an international conspiracy. It's up to four teens to try to unravel the puzzle. (60mins).

Chaplain Profile:

My name is Charlie Morris and I am the Chaplain for Yarralumla. This is my 3rd PA Camp, having been to Adelaide in '87 and Brisbane '90 previously. I've been part of 3 BB Companies (15th TAS Launceston, 8th Canberra, and 9th Vic Sale), was an NCO and a Staff Sergeant. In 1989 I achieved my Queen's Badge. I recently quit my job as a parachute tester (too many that didn't open) and have started as a crocodile tamer! OK so, I could be making that up. I actually work for Customs, but until recently was a youth pastor. I have one wife, one son, one dog, one Coke addiction and one God! I enjoy sport, Coke, cars, Coke, junk food, caving… and Coke!

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(6 Jul 2006)

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