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14th PA Camp

Day 5 at 2K2 Camp

From the Director

Hi. We are now half way through 2K2 and everyone in the Zone seems to have settled in. With our 'offsite' elective guys back, we need to make sure they are integrated into their Quadrants. Have you made any new friends yet? Have you noticed anyone by themselves, and most importantly, have you tried to befriend them? The early departure of Ginninderra and Yarralumla for Thredbo was a bit of a trial after three demanding days of electives but the cold of the mountains soon released many aching muscles. Many of you were challenged by Jerry Pikes last night. Make sure your new friends, including your Cabin Officer, know if you have accepted Christ as your Saviour. They will be very supportive and assist you with any questions you may have. Also remember the two Chaplains onsite in cabin 20 are around, as well as the other leaders, to talk further about living life on-fire with Christ.

Chaplain Profile: Matt Robertson

I've been in BB since 5 at 6th Canberra - and I'm now 30. I love my two daughters, my wife, playing in the church basketball team and watching any sport on TV. I came to Christ at a Victorian State Camp when I was 12 years old. I'm currently general manager of an open space (parks and gardens) management company. As the 2K2 Spiritual Director, my desire for the last 18 months has been that every camper will meet with Christ and find their saviour.

Main points from Jerry Pipes

All our choices have a price tag. It's smart to sell out to Jesus because: 1. It will save you a lifetime of frustration. 2. He loves you so much. 3. He is Lord over all. Now is always the best time to make a decision to be completely sure that you will spend eternity with God.

2k2 Challenge

Duntroon is our Quadrant So clean and so trim Our Adjutant is Michael Ashford While our CO's Barry Sims. Our boys have led on the first day Their cabins have been the best For after all the inspections We've been ahead of all the rest/ On day two we've not done as well Lanyon were not quite as dirty But all the same we lead the game We're still ahead by thirty Now Duntroon's thrown down the challenge To tighten up your stress Lanyon, Yarralumla & Ginninderra We'll beat you all at chess So what Quadrant will be winners Have the glory for their name You'll play the test and beat the best And be the champions of this game.

Movie Theatre

Dining Hall Movie Theatre: 8:30PM Mystery lights of Navajo Mesa: Mystery. Unexplained disappearances, mystery lights, and an increasingly silent local sheriff - all linked to an international conspiracy. It's up to four teens to try to unravel the puzzle. (60mins).

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(6 Jul 2006)

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