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14th PA Camp

Day 6 at 2K2 Camp

From the Director

The first Canberra Zone Day proved to be exhausting but very exhilarating. It whetted the appetite for a return visit for many to our nation's important institutions. I am told that the Thredbo journey was more relaxing with time for a sleep before the challenging climb. Praise God for the working of the Spirit during the rallies. May his grace be extended to many more during the latter day of the camp. God Bless.

Chaplain Profile:

Hi I am Josh Carmichael. I find my identity in Christ, so feel free to come and chat to me about God things. Also I love every sport under the sun and I'm happy to chat to anyone about any sport. I even know the Australian who won the Darts World Championships. I've spent the last two years working for Soccer Australia - the first year full time, and last year part-time - because God said I needed to put my energies into something of more eternal significance. So this year I started part-time correspondence studies at Morling Theological College, Sydney and next year I will move to live in Sydney and study full-time. I am passionate about seeing this generation of youth be a generation of prayer and mission. I was over the moon to see lives won for Christ last night - that even overshadowed the brilliant performance of the NZ cricketers beating the Australians a few nights ago.

Movie Theatre

Dining Hall Movie Theatre: 8:30PM Legend of the Desert Bigfoot: Mystery. Four friends try to solve a mystery that involves metal doors ripped apart by powerful claws, terrorised campers and long coarse strands of hair the vet can't identify. (60mins).

Jerry Pipes Summary

Many people make excuses for why they won't accept God - but all they are, are just excuses - not real reasons. It is vital you don't put off deciding whether you want to spend eternity with God any longer. It's the best decision, now is the best time to make it, and do it for yourself.

2K2 Pan Australian Camp

From all across Australia We've gathered at this zone The boys from Scotland and Malaysia Have a long way to go home For 10 days here in our camp Old friends we'll have and more By the time this camp is over We'll have friends by the score You've chosen your 3-day electives And to name just a few There's ice-skating, swimming & war games Photography and video too Electronics, canoeing, rock climbing Abseiling will test your skill And for a little more daring White water rafting to give you a thrill And to prove you have the energy Why not a ride on a mountain bike If this is not enough to prove you are tough You can finish a Kosciuszko hike But just as important will be devotions Group discussions, reflections and prayer So come join us in Bible study I know that you will find God there. The Camp Zone it has four quadrants And you will know them real soon There is Lanyon and Yarralumla Ginninderra followed by Duntroon.

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(6 Jul 2006)

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