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14th PA Camp

Day 7 at 2K2 Camp

From the Director

Reports from the first group who visited the War Memorial were that it was awesome. Yarralumla and Ginninderra you have a treat in store. From tonight the Seniors Zone will be in full operation. I encourage all Seniors to be in the zone - the games are great but also spending time and sharing ideas is a great way to pick up new features for your Company program. The International Night was terrific with overseas contingents sharing some cultural experiences with CO's, Adjutants and Camp Committee. Thanks to the Ladies and Gentlemen from Weston Creek Uniting for supplying the eats. The bagpipes recital was fantastic thanks to Andy and his lads. The International Night also saw the launch of the new BBA caps. It's a beauty, so get in and buy one while stocks last!

Jerry Pipes Summary

Most people will not become Christians - the road wide and well-travelled leads to destruction. Our main mission is the sharing with others the great news of the salvation that awaits if they receive it.

Words from our Senior Chaplain

It is great to be able to watch the ways you are all changing and growing through the challenges of both the activities and the times looking at you and God. Praise God! A couple of traps for young players: 1. If you have decided to make a change, do it and grow in it. Making a change now doesn't do it for your whole life. There is still work to be done. 2. Make sure you follow it through. You know how, when you get mumps, you are not supposed to get it again? You become immune to it. It's the same when you make changes to your life. If you try it once and it doesn't work, it will just get harder to do it next time. Take time over the next couple of days to work out to go forward with the stuff that is happening to you and that you have learnt. Work out how to keep growing - reading your Bible, praying and getting into church - before you get back. Speak to me or any of the chaplains about it if you have questions - it would be great to chat to you.

Movie Theatre

Dining Hall Movie Theatre: 8:30 Run Spot Run: Comedy/Action. (92 mins). Marque Movie Theatre: 7:30 Tintin: The crab with the golden claws: Mystery/Adventure. The animated adventurer Tintin follows the trail of dangerous gang of drug smugglers, getting himself kidnapped at sea, travelling through the Sahara desert to a Moroccan port to solve a mystery starting with an empty can. (60 mins) 8:30 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure: Comedy. Two teen dudes that are in serious danger of failing history in high school, gets help from a time machine from the future to kidnap famous people from the past to help them with their final report. Stars a young Keanu Reeves. (93mins).

Alien Abduction

The boys cabins within the Lanyon Quadrant have suffered an alien abduction. Jeff Hockey had assigned an inflatable alien to each cabin and all but the dead body of one of the aliens has disappeared. We believe that the dead alien may have been probed to death. Please keep an eye out for any other strange activity (not including the Scots).

3-Day Sawpit Creek Experience

Twelve intrepid 2K2 adventure seekers had a base camp at Sawpit - just down the road from the major NSW snow resorts of Perisher/ Smiggins. Day 1 was spent travelling via Cooma and Jindabyne and setting up camp at Sawpit Creek camping ground - owned by an ex-BB'er. We travelled with the Brindabella mob, whose bus immediately slowed down at a sight of anything that looked like a hill - an ominous sign. We walked the Waterfall track (6 km) desperately trying to locate Australia wildlife for the Scottish members of our group. The dead kangaroos and foxes on the side of the road just weren't good enough. Day 2 was to be a manageable flat-water canoe trip from lake into Jindabyne proper. Well - we started out with freshness and enthusiasm despite a southerly wind that was a bit annoying but not too much to worry about. By lunchtime we had battled a strong, unrelenting southerly with waves up to half metre high. We were a bit tired and weary but, refreshed by lunch, ready to continue our journey in the hope that conditions would improve. Wrong - the wind increased, the waves grew white tops and each canoe team fought to make progress into the wind and waves and to stay afloat. We survived - even though we didn't get as far as expected and, to the credit of all involved, there were no complaints. Indeed a canoe trip to remember for a long time to come. Day 3 was more relaxing - a drive up to end of the road at Charlotte's Pass, with some time to admire the view across to Mt Kosciuszko and surrounding mountains. Unfortunately we passed the 'Brindabella' bus, broken down on the side of the road up to Charlotte's Pass. We also experienced great fellowship at our base camp, where we shared resources and innovative cooking techniques with the Brindabella group. All in all, a good camping experience of Aussie, Scots and Malaysian BB'ers.

Life behind door 305

Only few walk behind door frame 305 and those who can Grin and Bear It are never taken seriously. Our good Chum Scotty is always smiling, but all the chicks dig our Harry Potter, even though really it's Scotty who's hotter. The Philosopher, that's BLT can never make his mind up, and Eggnog looses his after ever pillow punch-up. Although these two are brothers they don't mind telling a lie, perhaps one day we'll call in the FBI. Behind this door both Shorty and Big Fella can be found, and there is never a time when one of them is not making a sound. Hiking and biking are the idea of fun, but who can blame them, it's better than sitting on your bun. Red Chief is the card shark and he thinks he's in charge, but behind the door we all know it's Nacho Man who rules at large. Some guys think that early in the morning they look putrid, but really that's just Kentucky Fried Stupid. When all is done and the chess is no longer fun, the lights finally go off. It's only then when our Eddy Teddy rolls up in his blankie, and thumps us with his hankie. The gang is strange but at least we can sing together. We can't remember what we're doing tomorrow but hey, like, whatever.

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(6 Jul 2006)

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