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13th PA Camp

Welcome to 13th PAC

The 13th Pan Australian Camp in Samford Valley Qld was a great success according to the 96th Cherrybrook boys as well as many of the other 600 people who attended.

This year Cherrybrook had it's biggest turn up. On the camp, we had nine representatives. Seven boys and two officers. This beat our turn up to the last camp in Perth of two boys and one officer.

Most of our guys drove up to camp taking three days. On the way we stayed at a farm where we tried their luck at horse riding and other activities.

We all arrived at camp on Friday 1st January. We waited in long lines to register and then headed to our designated camping area.

We shortly got into all the camps onsite activities including the go-kart's on a muddy outdoor track which added an extra challenge. We also used this time to find our way around the campsite.

Over the rest of the camp, we did many activities including: Discover Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, abseiling, archery, swimming, an obstacle course, a dam with canoes and then two day and one overnight elective. You will see and hear more about these activities below in comments, photo's and also the Penta PAC Award.
Photo's from the camp
Many photo's were taken of the camp. Below we have compiled the best of our photo's so you can get an idea of what the campsite was about. You can see an enlarged version of each photo by clicking on it. To return, click again on the enlarged image.

Main Entrance to Camp The "Dog House" Wivenhoe Company Go-kart (On-site Electives) Abseiling Tower (On-site Electives)

Other on-site activities that ran included: archery and an assault course (one of two required for Penta PAC), computer room, a dam, and there also was a swimming pool. The off-site electives were certainly a challenge, but the on-site activities definitely added to the thrill of the 13th PA Camp.

Penta PAC Awards

At every Pan Australian Camp, the Penta PAC Award can be earnt. The award can be earnt at either of two levels. Silver, which requires you to fulfil three of the award areas, or gold, which requires you to fulfil all five of the award areas. Silver is easier and requires less of a demand, whereas gold is much harder as better results required in all of the five areas. These camps are the only places where the badge can be earnt. It is made up of five areas:
1. Devotional
2. Discover Brisbane
3. On-site Activities
4. Off-site Electives
5. Collecting Stamps around Camp
1. Devotional: Every morning of the camp, there would be three 45min time slots. In each of these time slots, you would either go to breakfast, talk as a company, or do a devotion in tent groups. Over the camp, there were ten morning devotions. To pass this side of Penta PAC, you had to participate and fill out your daily devotional book. For Silver level, you had to have 5 of the 10 devotions complete. For Gold level, you had to complete 9 of the 10 devotions.
2. Discover Brisbane: On one day of the camp, your battalion would go into the middle of Brisbane, be given a set of questions, a map, and lunch vouchers, and left for half a day to answer all the questions. Each of the 20 questions was worth 4 marks, as well as three bonus questions which were worth 10 marks each. You could also earn marks by collecting 3 stamps along the way. Each of these were worth 5 marks.
At the end of the day, to pass for Penta PAC, you needed to have earnt: For Silver level, 80 points, and for Gold level, 100 points.
3. On-site Activities: Of the many on-site activities, you had to complete one of either archery or the assault course to pass Penta PAC for this level. For archery, you had a target comprised of 10 rings. The bulls-eye was worth 10 points and you worked your way out to the outside ring which was worth 1 point. Each person got 6 arrows to shoot, and to pass, Senior's needed to get: for Silver level, 30 points, and for Gold level, 35 points. Junior's however needed: for Silver level, 25 points, and for Gold level, 30 points.
If you wished to pass the assault course instead of archery, you had to complete one lap of the course under a certain time. To pass the this part of on-site electives, Senior's had to complete one lap of the course: for Silver level, under 2min 15sec, and for Gold level, under 2min. Junior's however had to complete one lap of the course: for Silver level, under 2min 30sec, and for Gold level, under 2min 15sec.
4. Off-site Electives: Each person got to choose two half day electives, and one overnight elective. To pass this section of Penta PAC, you had to participate in activities as well as show enthusiasm in what you did.
5. Collecting Stamps Around Camp: During the camp, each boy was allocated a stamp book, in which there was room for 20 stamps. For some of these stamps, you just had to find where they were being given, but for some you had to do a particular activity (e.g. for the "Dog Paddling" stamp, you had to go swimming in the pool). To pass this section of Penta PAC: for Silver level, you needed to collect 15 of the 20 stamps, and for Gold level, you needed to get 19.
All of the seven boys from 96th Cherrybrook achieved the Gold Penta PAC Award. This was quite an achievement for all of our boys. Especially our eldest who earnt his second gold Penta PAC award, and our youngest who received his first ever badge in No. 2 Section.

Comments on the 13th Pan Australian Camp

All of the boys and leaders who attended the Pan Australian Camp from 96th Cherrybrook thoroughly enjoyed their experience. These thoughts are expressed below in some of the comments from the camp.
"The 13th Pan Australian Camp was an excellent experience for everyone who attended. The activities, the electives, the companies, and even the food were great. It was wonderful to see such a good turn up and even better to see how pleased everyone was with the camp." 

Logo's from the Camp

At camp, this emblem represented Blue's autograph. It was used to sign many letters and also featured in many of the Blue's New's & Blue's Tail's
This picture represented the theme of "Camping with Blue".
This emblem represented the fun and relaxing atmosphere at camp. It was showing the tropical theme of Queensland.
This picture represented the beach which we would be visiting on our day of touring the Sunshine Coast.

This picture was representing how most of us travelled at camp. We travelled to all destinations by bus.  This emblem represented the bank in which boys could withdraw money from while at the camp. This picture was used to represent the food and dining room. This logo represented the Computer Room that was at camp. There we could play games and try other computer programs. 

Overall, the camp was excellent. Everyone enjoyed themselves and we would like to thank the whole organisation team for all their hard work in preparation for the camp. Also we would like to thank all the volunteer's, and everyone else who helped to make the camp run smoothly.

It was a great camp and I'm sure that all the boys in 96th Cherrybrook are looking forward to 2K2 in Canberra in three years time.

This page has been written by the Boys at 96th NSW Cherrybrook.

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(6 Jul 2006)

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