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Juniors Handbook

Basic BB Techniques

Being in BB means knowing certain special movements. Here are some ways of standing and moving that you should know.

gallery/Web_Pages/images/158_1151127351.gif BB Handshake
B.B. members worldwide share an unique handshake. Use your right hand with the little finger separate from the other fingers to interlock the other person’s little finger.

Stand Easy
‘Stand Easy’ involves your feet about 15 cm (6 in.) apart, measured from heel to heel, turned out at an angle of thirty degrees. Your limbs, head and body may be moved, but not the feet. When you are ‘standing easy’ and the command 'SECTION' is given, change to the position of ‘Stand at Ease’.
gallery/Web_Pages/images/158_1151127297.gif Stand at Ease
Feet remain as they are, so that the weight of the body rests equally on both feet; the hands are placed behind the back with the arms fully extended, the back of the right hand placed in the palm of the left, with fingers of both hands straight and thumbs interlocked. Head and eyes facing the front; eyes looking their own level.

Did you know... that Drill was invented by the Roman Soldiers so they could move quickly and together on a battlefield.

When coming to ‘Attention’ from the ‘Stand at Ease’ position, keeping the leg straight the left foot is brought up to the right without stamping and the position of ‘Attention’ is assumed.
gallery/Web_Pages/images/158_1151127324.gifHeels together and in line; feet turned out at an angle of about thirty degrees; legs straight; body erect and square to the front; arms hanging easily and as straight as the natural bend of the arm will allow; wrists straight, hands clenched, knuckles outside; thumbs to the front, close to the forefinger and immediately behind the seams of the trousers; head and eyes facing the front; eyes looking their own level; the weight of the body equally balanced on both feet.

The Boys’ Brigade salute is always executed with the right hand. The right hand is brought smartly with a circular motion to the head, palm to the front, fingers extended and close together. The point of the forefinger should touch the forehead 25 mm above the right eye. If your forefinger is just above the middle of your right eyebrow your hand will be in the correct position.

The thumb should be close to the forefinger. Your fingers, wrist and elbow should be in a straight line. The hand is brought smartly down by the shortest route. The secret is the long way up and the short way down, and your Officers will show you what that means.

If you are walking along the street in uniform and meet a B.B. Officer you should always salute.

Did you know... that you should always stand at attention before you salute, be wearing your BB hat and you should only use your right hand.

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Peter Shave (9 Jun 2006)

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