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Juniors Handbook

Wearing Uniform

Teams usually wear something to show others that they are proud to be together. BB has a uniform to show others we belong to BB in general as well as that we are in Juniors. Seniors has a similar uniform.

Wearing your uniform
Cap: The navy blue Brigade Field Service Cap is to be angled to the right, with a slight dip in the top middle of the cap. The Brigade cloth cap badge is sewn on the left side of cap, 5 cm from front on the band.

Shirt: The navy blue Brigade shirt should be clean and ironed with all buttons done up. Sleeves down unless otherwise specifically ordered. A Battalion Crest should be worn in the centre of the right breast shirt pocket, and a Juniors Crest worn in the centre of the left breast shirt pocket. Combined Brigade and Company titles shall be sewn centrally on both sleeves with the top of the title 5 cm below the shoulder seam.

Shorts: Approved navy blue elastic waist shorts should be well brushed and neatly pressed.

Socks: Brigade navy blue long socks to be fully drawn up to just below the knees, tops turned over to show white bands.

Shoes: Black, clean, and laces neatly tied. If you have leather shoes, make sure you clean them before you clean yourself.

Tie: Only if you are in a State that wears a tie, the sky blue tie should be neatly tied with the tip of the tie touching the waistband of your shorts.

Ribbon: A single colour ribbon may be worn on the right epaulette to indicate what group you are in. (Optional).

Lanyard: white, with slip-knot worn around the neck, fastened under both epaulettes and, by the button, to the left pocket. Worn only by leading boys or boys for special duty. (Optional).

However smart your uniform may be, the effect will be spoilt unless you also have clean hands, clean fingernails, clean knees and a clean face.

Right Armband Badge Arrangements

gallery/Badges/images/1.jpg The armband for Yearly Attendance and Achievement Scheme Awards is worn on the right arm just above the elbow. Badges on your armband should be arranged in the following order.

Top Line:
Yearly Attendance Awards. If you served in Anchors your first Badge will be an Anchor Boy Service Award.

2nd & 3rd Lines:
Achievement Scheme Awards with a total of 4 on each line in the following order: Yellow, Pink, White, Green, Purple, Blue, Red, Gold.

Second-hand uniform
Most Companies have a supply of second-hand uniform items that can be bought or hired. See your Officer in Charge for more information.

Tying a tie
If you have to wear a tie, you might as well learn how to do it yourself. Try following this in front of a mirror.

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Peter Wiseman (12 Feb 2011)

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