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What is being in BB mean

The Brigade is about developing you towards true Christian manliness and getting the most out of the life that God has given you. We do this through Group Work, in Achievements, in Games and Sports, and in attending Sunday School and learning from our Officers of the love of God.

In your Section each week you are learning to play and work together with other Boys.

When you joined your Section, you were put into a Group. You will want to make sure that your Group is the best, and you can help to do this by attending the Section Meetings and Sunday School regularly. This will also help you to earn an One Year Service Badge which will be presented to you at the end of the year.

Remember that you can gain points for your Group by doing your best in all the Sectionís activities. You will find that the more you put into such things as Singing, Physical Activities and Crafts the more you will get out of them.

There are two big events in the year to which all Boys look forward and to which you can bring your Parents and Friends to let them see something of your Section. The first, which is normally held at the beginning of each year is the Enrolment Service, when you and all the other members of your Sectionóand probably the No. 2 Section as well, are enrolled as members of the B.B. for another year.

The other big event is quite different and is usually held at the end of the year. This is the Display when we are able to show to everybody the things we have been doing during the year. During the Display night, your achievements and other awards may be presented to you too!

Spending time with GodItís easy and really good to spend time with God. Each step should take a minute. You might want to leave some time to just sit and listen - God may also want to say something back.

1. Thank God - make a list of all the things you can praise and thank God for, and then tell Him about them. Add to your list each day.

2. Confess - think about the last 24 hours - have you been unkind to anyone? did you not do something you should have done? have you been jealous? have you complained unfairly, nit pick, or just been horrible? have you disobeyed God?

3. Read the Bible - Read only a few verses each day and try to think how it can work in your life and put it into practise. There are lots of different Bibles so find one that you can understand.

4. Pray for others - Ask God to help three other people each day (for example, your school friend, or family).

5. Pray for yourself - Talk to God about how He can help you be better, or about things that are worrying you, or ask Him to show you how He wants you to be.

Feel free to talk to your Officers about any of these things.

Feeling bad?
Lots of things in life can make us feel bad. Sometimes people, even people that seem good, can make us feel bad. No matter how bad you feel, you donít have to face problems by yourself. Your Officers care for you and are there to help you get the most out of life. You might also find that they have gone through something similar! Ask them for help or at least to pray with you about whatever problems you have. Trust them and trust God. God will always care for you.

Being good to others
Life is meant to be enjoyable for you and others. Rules for games are often made so everyone is treated fairly and everyone has a chance to enjoy themselves. Try to think of playing by the Ďrules of lifeí.

Do this quiz every now and again to see how well you are going. Answer (T) True; (F) False; or (S) Sometimes.

I am quick to help a friend who needs help.
I offer help to someone who needs it, even if Iím not so keen on or I donít know them.
I try to speak first to someone who is new to BB.
I can think of 3 things I did for someone this week without being asked.
I am respectful to others.
I never speak unkindly about others.
I like to cheer someone up who is feeling sad.
I donít get very upset when I donít get my own way.
I can share my things happily with others.
I try to talk to people that donít seem to fit in.

Think of others as you want them to think about you. Say only things about others that you want others to say about you. Donít behave in ways that hurt or might hurt others. Be brave to be good. People will like you better that way.

Telling others about BB
You are one of the lucky onesóyou are already in the B.B.ó but what about your friends at school, Sunday School and other Boys who live near you? They would enjoy themselves too, if you brought them along to the next time your Section meets. This is how Brigade keeps on growing - friends telling friends about it.

Did you know... you can get stickers, posters and leaflets on BB to keep or show others. Ask your Captain about these.

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Peter Shave (9 Jun 2006)

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