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16th PA Camp

Camp Electives

Option 1: 4-Wheel Driving

How much fun can you have sitting down for 6 hours? Well find out as you go with an experienced team of drivers on a 4 wheel driving adventure all over the southern section of Victoria.

Location: Gippsland

Option 2: Extreme Caving (Seniors +)

Experience a full-on Caving adventure in a long talus style cave. This elective is not for the uninitiated and is technical in nature. Take this opportunity to be challenged till the very end!

Location: Larburtouche

Option 3: Wilson's Promontory Hike   

“The Prom” is Victoria’s #1 National Park, boasting great views, clean beaches, and is used by many Victorians for bush walking. Do two half-day walks and relax at the beach afterwards.

Location: Wilson's Promontory

Special Racing Circuit Electives

Option 1: HSV Hot Lap

There is nothing that can compare with the experience of a hot lap around one of Australia’s famous racing circuits. Reaching speeds of over 200 km/h you will feel all the G Forces as you enjoy the three-lap thrill.

Location: Phillip Island Racing Circuit

Option 2: Go-Karting

Get to drive on an outdoor replica of the Phillip Island Racing Circuit in this 800m course. This time, it’s all about how fast you can drive and is a chance for you to test your skills with other Campers on the race track. Not to be missed.

Location: Phillip Island Racing Circuit

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Peter Wiseman (14 Jan 2012)

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