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BB Knowledge Badge

The BB Knowledge Badge is awarded to a Boy (minimum BB Age 16) who has satisfactorily completed a project on a Boys' Brigade topic, the performance of Drill and personal presentation at an interview. The new Service to the Community Guidelines can be obtained from your Company Captain or by ringing Brigade Headquarters on 9896 7255


Project Topics. One of the following topics needs to be researched and a project submitted to BB Headquarters for assessment at State level. *

    * The BB Uniform - Past, Present and Future. *
    * The History of your local BB Company. *
    * The Role of NCOs in The Boys' Brigade. *
    * The History of Pan Australian Camps. *
    * Effective Company Programming - Details and Analysis of a Company Program for One Term (all Sections). *
    * The Role and Relationship of BB in the Local Church. *
    * BB International - A Study of BB in an Overseas Country.

Project requirements.
Carefully read these requirements and ensure they are met. By 30th April 2006 advise BBHQ the topic you have chosen and attach an outline of what you intend to include in your project (ie. your intended Table of Contents). You will need to carry out some initial research on your topic to be able to do this. Use the Project Advice Form contained in the information which can be obtained from your Company Captain.. You will be advised by direct mail whether your topic and the approach you intend to take have been approved. When you receive this approval you may proceed with the project. Written projects should be 2000 words or more in length. Audio or video-taped projects are allowed and should be equivalent in length to a written project and should include the following.

    * Photos, illustrations, maps etc should be included.
    * Include a Bibliography at the end.
    * Have a Title Page showing Rank, Name, Company, BB Age, Award (BB Knowledge Badge) and name of topic.
    * Submit the project in a folder.
    * The project must not be a copy of some other work eg. book, publication, internet etc. Use your own words.
    * The project must be proofread and have a Project Submission Form attached, signed by your Company Captain.
    * Project to reach BBHQ by the Third Friday in August 2006.


To qualify for this aspect of the BB Knowledge Badge you will be assessed by your Battalion/Group Council Drill Assessor. Find out from your Company Captain when and where the assessments are being held. The Macarthur Battalion will be holding a Drill School (which includes training and assessment) on 26th ?28th March. This is open to everyone so see your Captain quickly if you're interested as numbers are limited. Battalion/Group Council Drill Assessors must advise BB NSW Headquarters no later than the Third Friday in August 2006. of the results of your assessment (form on page 10). Page references shown below refer to The Boys' Brigade Australia Drill Manual 1997 edition.

What's involved in the assessment?
    * Inspection of your uniform.
    * How you approach the examiner.
    * Instructing a Drill Squad ie., teaching a Drill Squad how to carry out the drill movements shown below. Your knowledge of the movements and the commands, your explanations and the method you use to teach the movements are being assessed here.
    * Direct a Drill Squad through the three sequences of movements set out overleaf. Your bearing, your knowledge of the movements and the use of complete and correct commands are being assessed. While being assessed you may refer to the written sequence but can't have the complete commands recorded.
    * Second attempts are permissible, subject to the availability of the Drill Assessor, but cannot be on the same day as the first attempt.
    * Instructing a Drill Squad:
    *  Elementary Drill Instruction: At the time of the examination, the assessor will select three of the following movements for you to teach the Drill Squad. Attention (page 4.1) *About Turn (page 4.2) *Marching in Quick Time (page 4.3) *Slow Mark Time (page 4.4) *Saluting to the Front (page 4.5)
    * Squad Drill Instruction: You will be required to teach the Drill Squad the following movements. *Falling In (page 6.1) *Changing Direction (Halt to Halt) (page 6.4) *Forming Squad (Halt to Move) (page 6.7) Directing a Drill Squad through a Sequence of Movements: You will be required to direct a Drill Squad through each of the following sequences of movements.
    * Part 1 * Fall In (two ranks as per Squad Drill page 6.1) * Number * Form Fours * Quick March * About Turn * Change Direction Left * Right Turn * Right Wheel * Halt * 4 Paces Right * Left Turn (Approx original position)
    * Part 2 * Quick March * Change Direction Left * Right Turn * Right Wheel * Slow March * Right Wheel * Form Squad (Left) * Form Fours * About Turn * About Turn * Form Fours * Squad Halt * About Turn * Halt (Approx original position)
    * Part 3 * Right Turn * Quick March * Left Wheel * Slow March * Left Turn * Right Turn * About Turn * Form Squad (Left) * Left Incline * Right Incline * About Turn * Halt (Approx original position)


You are required to satisfactorily undertake an interview carried out by two Officers selected by your Battalion/Group Council (or State Headquarters for unattached Companies). At least one of these Officers will be from a Company other than your own. How to apply for an interview. You need to complete an Application for Interview, have your Company Captain complete and sign the relevant parts and send it to your Battalion/Group Council. When and where is the interview held? Your Battalion/Group Council will advise the date, time and venue for the interview. The interview will need to be carried out and the results notified to BB State Headquarters by your Battalion/Group Council.

What is assessed at the interview?
    * At the interview you will be assessed on:
    * Your general bearing, courtesy and poise. (Full uniform to be worn.)
    * BB Knowledge eg. Object, Motto, BB Origins and History, History of BB in Australia, the work and organisation of BB at local, state, national and international levels.
    * The role of the Senior Boy.
    * The promotion of NCOs and their duties.
    * Questions of a practical nature eg., what you would do in particular situations as a Squad Leader or NCO, your opinions and ideas about BB and
    * Your involvement in your local Company.

Most of these aspects are covered in the The No. 2 Section Handbook which you should read and have a good understanding of. Additional information about the organisation of BB at local, state and international levels can be obtained from your Battalion/Group Council and from BB State Headquarters. The BB website ( is also a good place to seek information. Interview results. You should take your Boy's Record Book with you so that the interview may be recorded. Your Company Captain will be informed of the outcome of the interview and the Interviewing Officers will notify BB State Headquarters of the results using the form contained in the information which can be obtained from your Company Captain.

This needs to be done no later than the third Friday in August 2006.

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Peter Shave (3 Jul 2006)

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