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New Years Eve at PAC X-5
BYPASS formed out of the acoustic-based duo 2fish consisting of Tim Murray and Liam Bailey in mid 2003 to include drummer Aaron Hollier and bass player Jeremy Kelshaw. Since that formation, BYPASS have been performing a unique style of melodic pop/rock that while difficult to label within the typical definitions of ‘rock’, ‘pop’ or ‘middle of the road’, has a sound and a style that is appealing to a wide variety of audiences. THE four-piece have played at a large variety of venues including pubs, school halls, church venues, cafes, and outdoor festivals around Sydney and beyond. In February 2004 the band released their debut self-titled EP (under the new name of BYPASS) showcasing a mature sound that continues to develop beyond the stereotype of the “Christian Band.” THE guys are committed to building on their ability to stretch their artistic talents to cater for any audience they encounter, while writing and performing music that deeply reflects their life, beliefs and experiences. They have a relaxed attitude on stage and off that shows in their ability to feel comfortable at “pubs” and “Christian” music venues that some would consider to be at odds with each other. WITH a reputation for interactive, powerful live performances, and meaningful lyrics, BYPASS considers the ability of the audience to hear the words of their songs as significant as the crowd being able to feel the energy from the music being played on stage. Tim would like to jam with...Well, if the opportunity arose I would love to sit down and strum some chords with Dave Matthews, David Gray, and Paul McCartney. Dave Matthews because I don't know anyone else who writes stuff that is so lyrically and musically awesome, David Gray because no one else makes a single guitar and a voice sound so good, and because you can feel all the emotion in all of his songs, and Paul McCartney because I believe him to be one of the greater musical talents the world has or will see. So there you have it. If anyone can hook me up with any of these wishes let me know.... I wonder what Jezzy does? If anyone out there in internet land was wondering what Jezzy (the bass player) does from day to day, youd be pleased to know that he is studying music at UWS in penrith. He is currently half way through and is majoring in bass performance. Why is he doing this? He doesn't really know but is sure God has some cool stuf planned for him when hes done. Its also fun at times (not at others) and is educational... More importantly hes getting married on december 4 -Hooray- This little bit of trivia is way more interesting... Azzy... When he wants to, plays his drums. This is one of his favourite things in life. Hr also loves wearing no shoes and 3/4 length shorts - this provides him with the most comfort available from manufactured cloths products. Other things that he loves are Tim, Liam and Jezzy, and all the wonderful noise they create, his family, traveling to Bathurst to see a beatiful little lady and Jesus more than all of these!!! Think happy thoughts. Life according to Liam Liam has a three fold job - Husband to Sandina, father to Noah (2 years old and cute as) and Danika (3 months old and cute as as!) and Science teacher at Inaburra School in Bangor, south of Sydney. "I'm finding life very exciting at the moment with such a beautiful daughter in Danika and sucha fun son in Noah. I have been married to my wife for 9 years now and it really does get better with time." (If only society saw marriage in the same way)

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(6 Jul 2006)

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