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15th PA Camp

Camp Facilities

Laundry Facilities

There are laundry facilities on site. The washing machines and dryers are $2 each per load. You can provide your own washing powder or purchase it at the laundry It may be best to arrange for all Boys in your cabin to do their washing together, rather than individually. This will make up a full load and get more done in the time available. Make sure that your clothes are labelled indelibly before putting them in the wash. There are no ironing facilities.

Bank Facilities

We will be running a bank at camp to enable cash withdrawals. Deposits may be made prior to camp using your camper's deposit book that you received when you registered. The bank will be located in Waratah block, and will be open at specific times to suit the programme. Banking times will be notified at Camp. You will require your camper Identification Card to make withdrawals. Withdrawals must be in multiples of $10, and there will be a maximum withdrawal of $100 per day. N.B. Make sure that you leave a few deposit forms at home in case there is a need for relatives to deposit further money into your account.

The Camp Dining Room

The dining room seats around 500 people so we will be having all meals at the same time. All crockery and cutlery will be supplied, and will be cleaned by kitchen staff. Please follow instructions of the Dining Room Co-ordinators to assist in serving and cleaning up after meals.

Camp Canteen alias, Col’s CAFÉ de TOPS.

There will be a canteen available on-site, which sells a range of drinks, ice creams, and other snacks. A bookshop and BB Shop will also be available. The Canteen and shops are operated by BB Officers and are situated in the Auditorium Check your Camp Program for opening hours.

Swimming Pool

There is a swimming pool in main camp area. A second pool is located in the Grevillea camp area. An officer must be present before Boys may enter the pool area. Please remember the safety of others in and around the pool – excessive horseplay will not be permitted. There is no shade in the pool area: remember to use sunscreen and reapply it after swimming.

The Administration Centre

The Camp Administration Centre is in "The Retreat" near the entrance to the main site. The Administration Centre will handle all camper information during PAC X-5. General Information,, Camp Newspaper, and Program Office are all located at the Administration Centre.

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(6 Jul 2006)

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