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15th PA Camp

Camp Hygiene

There are toilets and showers in most cabins. Cooperation in the correct and reasonable use of facilities will ensure that all campers maintain a suitable level of personal hygiene. A three-minute limit is encouraged for showers, enabling all to benefit and to assist with the conservation of water.

Health & Safety

This is your responsibility. To enjoy yourself and get the most out of Camp you need to make sure you remain fit and well. Following a few simple rules will go a long way towards that end.
* Avoid Sunburn – "Slip, Slop, Slap" - wear a shirt, sunglasses and hat when out in the sun and also use sunscreen regularly.
* Avoid Dehydration - Drink plenty of fluids. In the hot weather, and with all the activities you’ll be doing, you will lose a lot of fluid due to sweating (up to 4 litres a day). You must replace that fluid - and water is the best way. So carry your water bottle and use it. Even when you're not busy!
* Look after your Feet - Wear thongs, sandals or shoes, as appropriate, at all times.
* Do you have medications or do you suffer from Allergies? - Make sure the Camp Medical Coordinator knows about them. Make sure your medical information form is up to date when you check-in at camp. Ensure that all your medication has your name marked on it. Any medication you have should be handed to your company first aid officer, who will ensure you take it when needed. (This does not apply to things like inhalers, which should be kept with you at all times.)
* Basic Hygiene - Always wash your hands before meals and after going to the toilet. Shower every day, and make sure you dry your feet thoroughly to prevent foot infection.
* Clothing - Change underwear daily, and socks frequently (depending on footwear and activities). Try to keep your clothing clean. Do not keep wet clothing in your camp pack.
* Eating - Catering staff will provide lots of wholesome food, don't become so busy that you forget to eat. In all the activity of Camp tiredness can affect your appetite. A good meal can often be the cure for many ills, and will help to restore the energy you will use.
* Feeling Sick? - Report to your Company First Aid Officer or the Camp First Aid Team. The Camp First Aid Room is located in Waratah, Room B6, The camp First-Aid staff will endeavour to deal with minor health matters. Any serious health matter will be referred to a local hospital.. In any case of serious illness or anything that requires hospitalisation, parents will be notified as soon as possible.

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(6 Jul 2006)

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