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15th PA Camp

Code of Conduct

We want you to have the best experience that PAC X-5 has to offer. In order for everyone to have a great time we all have to cooperate with each other.
You will need to follow some basic rules to make sure that you and your mates enjoy this Camp:
* Always treat others and their property in the same way you would like to be treated. Be sure to look out for others and for yourself.
* Always be aware of the safety issues attached to any activity you are involved in.
* Always act responsibly and appropriately in every situation, in camp and on activities away from the camp - remember you are part of the best young people's organisation, and you are always representing BB wherever you are.
* Always help your Officers by following their instructions with enthusiasm and commitment.
* Make a commitment to fully participate in the program and assist others to do so.
Other specific things we expect of campers:
* Wear your Camp uniform when out of camp.
* Wear at least a shirt, shorts and footwear at all meal times.
* Be considerate of the other campers at all times.
* Look after the campsite and its surrounds, by putting all rubbish into the bins provided, and by picking up any litter you find.
* If you take out or use any sporting equipment held in your Company’s sports room, please ensure you return it.
* Smoking, alcohol and drugs are not permitted at any time during camp, either on or off site.
* Take any lost property you find to the Camp Administration Centre.
* Don't interfere with anyone else's belongings.
* Make sure your valuable possessions are under safekeeping at all times.
* Always wear your Camper ID to assist in Security.
* You are reminded that non-compliance with camp rules including the Code of Conduct may result in you being sent home or your parents contacted.

Site Security

PAC X-5 Security will be known as Property Protection Officers, being based in the buildings known as Melaleuca. Property Protection Officers are Campers who in addition to taking part in the full program will be keeping on eye on vacant Camp Companies when groups are either off-site, at meals or in the Auditorium.The unit will be staffed 24 hours per day and may be seen on small "postie" bikes around the site. Camp Company Officers are responsible for the well-being of the Boys under their control. Property Protection will enhance everyone's safety by contributing to this vital function. All campers and visitors are required to carry visible means of identification (either a Camper's Identification Card or a Visitor's Card) at ALL times. Camp Security staff will be patrolling the site and will challenge those without visible identification or those outside their designated area. A curfew will be applied to areas of the campsite at various times (eg after dark) - these areas are strictly out of bounds after the time designated in the program. Campers are not to leave the site other than on scheduled activities. In the event of an emergency that requires a camper to leave the site, Camp Administration can issue a Leave Pass that is to be cleared through the Administration Centre when leaving and returning. Always wear your Camp ID tag so we know who you are.

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(6 Jul 2006)

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