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15th PA Camp

Day 2 at Pac X-5

Lost and Found

4 Boys and 1 Officer from Grevillea Company went for a walk after lunch yesterday and became geographically embarrassed (lost!!). They rang the Camp Administration number and a critical incident plan was quickly put into action. They were found a short time later in a creek bed by the PPS (Property Protection Section). On travelling to the camp yesterday a group of campers left their airline tickets on the train that they were travelling on. The efficient City Rail staff found the tickets and arranged for them to be delivered back to Helensburgh Station. The boys only had to wait 3 hours!

Duke of Edinburgh

Any campers who are wanting to count this camp towards the Gold D of E Award need to submit their D of E record books to their camp company CO. CO's can contact Jeff Hockey of Waratah Company for information on administering this award.


Now that you're here at PAC X-5 you have the opportunity of earning the PentaPAC Award, the BB badge you can only gain from attending a Pan Australian Camp. So make sure you put in a 100% effort to gain it! It comes at silver or gold level, depending on how well and how many of the 5 sides you complete. Devotions is one of the five sides and is compulsory at silver, as well as gold level. So make sure you knuckle down during your morning and evening devotional times. Discover Sydney, your elective activities, the on-site adventure activities and a team based Inter-Camp Company competition will also go towards your PentaPAC Award. Your PAC Guide tells you the details of what you'll need to do. So read it and ask your Camp Company PentaPAC Officer if you have any questions. He'll certainly be encouraging you to go for gold! Remember to look after your feet at camp. Wear appropriate footwear at all times, particularly to all meals. A broken glass at lunchtime yesterday caused one camper a visit to the First Aid room. 

Hail to the Chief!

The dedicated Camp Director after spending many days and nights in preparation for the camp also found himself to be the only person with a bus licence available to make 5 trips to Helensburgh station and back yesterday picking up campers and bringing them to PAC X-5. Not only did he have to find a bus first but he also found that it had its very own Web Site, the inside left hand side of the windscreen!

Movies Tonight at 8.30pm

Waratah Meeting Room - Agent Cody Banks Banksia Meeting Room Johnny English

Seniors Club

*WHERE - Mezzanine (above the dining room).
*WHAT Pool tables, XBox, board games, competitions and heaps of prizes everyday.
*WHO All Boys 15 BB age and above (turning 15 or older in 2005).
*WHEN During onsite activities (check your company program) All board games, PC games, XBox's and XBox games are for sale after the camp. See Kevin Finnan in and around the Seniors Club to make an offer. Special thanks to Electronics Boutique for supplying the XBox's and games for PAC X-5.

Cricket Scores Second Test

At stumps yesterday, First Innings: Pakistan 341 - Australia 379 Second Innings: Pakistan 5/85 

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Program Timetable

Waratah & Banksia Companies
6:30 Wake Up
7:00 Squad Time - Morning Devotions
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 1st Buses - Discover Sydney
9:00 2nd Buses - Discover Sydney Packed Lunches
17:00 1st Buses - Arrive Back
17:30 2nd Buses - Arrive Back
18:00 Dinner
*Camp Company Briefings Electives
*Camp Company Devotions
20:00 Camp Company Activities

Boronia & Grevillea Companies
6:30 Wake Up
7:00 Squad Time - Morning Devotions
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 1st Buses Depart - Electives
9:00 Remaining Departures - Electives Packed Lunches
16:30 1st Buses - Arrive Back
17:00 2nd Buses - Arrive Back
18:00 Dinner
*On Site Activities Selection
*Camp Company Devotions
20:00 Camp Company Activities

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(6 Jul 2006)

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