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15th PA Camp

Day 3 at Pac X-5

Can you cap this

Capping Hyde ParkWhat is a cap worth? Paul Nurzenski was seen yesterday “swimming” in the fountain in Hyde Park to retrieve a cap for a tourist. He was fortunate to escape a $100 fine.

Camper Health Update

No broken bones have been reported however there are reports of mild sunburn. Remember Slip Slop Slap and don’t forget to do it regularly during the day.

Who was it?

Who were the group of five Waratah Officers who became lost on the Discover Sydney and spent three hours wandering around Central Railway Station looking for the train back to Helensburgh?

Golf Pros

Yesterday’s golfers really got their moneys worth. Nobody scored less than 100. On a strokes per dollar basis, this is a very good elective.

Catering Thanks

The kitchen and catering staff would like to congratulate and thank all campers for their cooperation in the dining room so far. It has helped to make serving the delicious meals that we have been enjoying much easier. Make sure that you are keeping up to date with what is happening at camp. Consult your Company Program for all activity times and locations.


The 15th Pan-Australian Camp Volleyball Competition is approaching fast. This competition has been held at every PA Camp since the Centenary Camp in Canberra in 1983. If you have six or more boys attending camp from your home Boys’ Brigade Company then start thinking about entering a team.

Today’s Weather

Weather forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology Today: Morning Showers clearing Temp:15/23 UV Index: 13 (Extreme) Tomorrow: Dry, Partly cloudy 17/28

Half way up or down?  UK Visitor

Discover SydneyBe careful, you never know who you will meet in the street. A group on Discover Sydney yesterday met the Secretary of Boys Brigade UK in George Street. It is rumoured that he will be visiting camp next week.

Lost and Found Department

The Admin Office has started a lost and found service. If you have lost or found any belongings around the camp site or activities please see the admin staff. Labelled items can be quickly directed back to their owners so please ensure that all your belongings are clearly labelled with your name and camp number.

PACcer of the Day

Peter Tsaoucis was PACcer of the day yesterday. His home company is 61 Carlingford and his camp company is Grevillea. So far, he has enjoyed the giant swing and being wiped out on the surfing elective. He packed his prize in 26.7 seconds.

Chappies Chat

G’day Guys, Day three already and we’re looking for PACcer of the Day again, so get to it and knock yourselves out…Yew Beauty!!! Congrats to Pete our PACcer of the day yesterday. We hope enjoy the survival kit! Remember to see us at the end of camp for the mobile phone and credit. We just wanted to say thanks for all your encouragement on the devo input. Hope you continue to press into the reflection times and get the best out of your efforts. God luv ya’ all. “The Chappies”

Movies Tonight at 8.30pm

Waratah Meeting Room - Agent Cody Banks 2 Banksia Meeting Room – Spiderman 1
Cricket Score – Second Test
The second test concluded yesterday with the following result, Second Innings: Pakistan 163 - Australia 1/127 Australia won by 9 wickets.

A chap with a cap taking a nap
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Program Timetable

Waratah & Banksia Companies
Major Activity - Electives
6:30 Wake Up
7:00 Squad Time - Morning Devotions
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 1st Buses Depart - Electives
9:00 Remaining Departures - Electives Packed Lunches
16:30 1st Buses - Arrive Back
17:00 2nd Buses - Arrive Back
18:00 Dinner
*On Site Activities Selection
*Camp Company Devotions
20:00 Camp Company Activities 

Boronia & Grevillea Companies
Major Activity - On Site Activities
6:30 Wake Up
7:00 Squad Time - Morning Devotions
7:30 Breakfast
9:00 Free Time
10:00 Morning Tea
10:30 On Site Activities 1
12:30 Lunch
13:30 On Site Activity 2
15:30 Afternoon Tea
15:45 On Site Activity 3
18:00 Dinner
*Briefings Discover Sydney
*Camp Company Devotions
20:00 Camp Company Activities

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(6 Jul 2006)

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