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15th PA Camp

Day 4 at Pac X-5

From the Camp Director

Now that PAC X-5 has been going for three days things have started to click. Boronia and Grevillea had a great day yesterday with the onsite electives. The Boys overcame their initial fears and had a go. The instructors give their congratulations to the boys for their enthusiasm. Make sure that you are security aware at all times. If we all look out for each other and their belongings the Camp will be enjoyable for anyone. Make sure you are completing your devotions each morning. If you have any questions speak to your cabin officer or company Chaplain. Enjoy Sydney, enjoy Camp and have a great day! Warren Finnan Camp Director Please ensure that you are on time for all buses leaving and returning to camp, especially if you have to meet a train!


Horse Riding Heroes. Wow Horse riding elective is such a blast! Heaps of fun, and lots of photo opportunities with lots of horse's (and female attendants too!!) Just ask the Waratah boys! (All girls ages between 12 and 25!) If you haven't been to the computers at camp yet you don't now what you are missing. Campers from Waratah and Banksia doing the Computer Crazy elective spent a great day "shooting each other" in Call of Duty.


Don't miss the NEW YEARS EVE SPECTACULAR tonight in the auditorium. Due to the later Lights Out (12.30 am) you can even have a sleep in tomorrow (6.30 am)

Col's Cafe

Feeling hungry? Need a snack to take to the movies? On the lookout for a great bargain? Why not stop by Col's Café at the back of the main auditorium! There are many delicious snacks available for purchase for when the time between the last and the next meal is just too long to wait. Col's Café is guaranteed to sell the cheapest and best snack food at the camp.

Today's Weather

Weather forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology Today: Dry, Sunny Periods 15/25 UV Index: 14 (Extreme) Tomorrow: Dry, Very Warm to hot 19/31  PACcer of the Day

Prussiking (reverse abseiling)Yesterdays PACcer of the day was Sam Hadley (camper 223). Sam comes from the 121 Gosford company. His camp company is Banksia. He has enjoyed Prussiking (reverse abseiling) at camp. He was able to pack his survival kit in a record 26.4 seconds. If you have digital photos that you would like to considered for PACcer of the day, they need to be submitted to the Chaplains Room at the Banksia Office in by 4pm each day. Late entries will be considered the following day.

Horse Riding

Yesterday a group of boys went up to the Horse riding. Miraculously none of them ever got lost (not mentioning any names). The boys had a wonderful time of horse riding and then a 9 km hike back home. Lots of sore feet tonight

Mountain Bike Riding

Yesterday some boys also went Mountain Bike Riding. Some way there a boy was not well, but soon he was back on his feet. One boy said it was a 43 km ride, and a 9 km hike was nothing. Contributed by Joshua Suli (171, Waratah Co.)

Congrats to Marcus Barnes

After walking the distance in Discover Sydney on Wednesday he also completed 5km walk back from the horse riding activity with very painful feet.

Chappies Chat

G'day Guys, PACcer of the Day is going off like a cracker! Congrats to Sam as yesterday's PACcer of the day. What a beaut time we're having! Today's New Years Eve. What a great opportunity to think about what you want to do with your life in the new year. Take some time during the day to think about what it means to start something new. God luv ya' all. "The Chappies" 
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Program Timetable

Waratah & Banksia Companies
6:30 Wake Up
7:00 Squad Time - Morning Devotions
7:30 Breakfast
9:00 Free Time
10:00 Morning Tea
10:30 On Site Activities 1
12:30 Lunch
13:30 On Site Activity 2
15:30 Afternoon Tea
15:45 On Site Activity 3
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Camp Company Devotions
19:30 New Years Eve Concert

Boronia & Grevillea Companies
6:30 Wake Up
7:00 Squad Time - Morning Devotions
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 1st Buses - Discover Sydney
9:00 2nd Buses - Discover Sydney Packed Lunches
17:00 1st Buses - Arrive Back
17:30 2nd Buses - Arrive Back
18:00 Dinner
19:00 Camp Company Devotions
19:30 New Years Eve Concert 

New Year Party

The New Years Eve Concert is going to be huge. BYPASS will be performing at the New Year Party. BYPASS have been performing a unique style of melodic pop/rock that while difficult to label within the typical definitions of 'rock', 'pop' or 'middle of the road', has a sound and a style that is appealing to a wide variety of audiences.

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(6 Jul 2006)

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