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BBA 2013 Calendar - Pix it to the Max Competition

/gallery/Web_Pages/images/6_1339758846.jpg BBA is creating a calendar for sale next year to give companies another fund raising opportunity. Every State will get the chance to have a minimum of two pictures in the calendar. With the best photo on the front Cover. Start snapping now!

What we Want
Pictures from every State taken this year showing the BB Theme of Adventure. In that picture the BB Logo or the Letters BB must be represented somehow– the creativity is up to you. Send to Brigade House by 1 August 2012, email or ask for Dropbox details.

The Rules
Boys must take pix, please provide details – Name, section, company. Must be 8”x10” 203x254mm if film. Pictures will not be returned. All pictures belong to BBA and can be used in various publications.  You must have permission to use any person in your picture.

Competition Flyer and Permission Form


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