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13th Brisbane

13th Brisbane


2014 Fees

  • $140 per year (able to be paid as $35/term)
  • $10 discount if paid in full before the end of March
  • $120 per year for second and subsequent boys (able to be paid as $30/term)

Uniform Prices (indicative)*

  • Anchors: Approx $35 (Shirt, Cap, Socks)
  • Juniors: Approx $70 (Shirt, Cap, Socks, Tie)
  • Seniors: Approx $100 (Shirt, Cap, Socks, Tie, Belt, Shoulder Belt)

Prices are for new uniform items. Some secondhand items available from time to time.
* New boys are given six weeks before being encouraged to purchase a uniform.

For more detailed uniform prices please refer to our Uniform Order Forms page.


Peter Wiseman 03-Feb-2014  

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