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Who can join?

BB is open to all boys - no matter what your background. And because the program seeks to develop you In all areas of your life - you're sure to find lots of things in BB that will interest you. Most BB Companies are also able to cater for you if you have special needs.
BB is separated into three main groups. There is Anchor Boys for 5-7 years old. There is No.1 Section for 8-11 year olds. And No.2 Section for 12-18 year olds. Look at the Companies Details for information on the Company closest to you.

What do we do on a normal night at BB?

Each local Company varies in what they call a 'normal night'. It also varies for the different Sections. Usually the night will contain segments on games, learning new skills, developing friendships, and promoting a positive outlook on life.

What other activities are available?

Depending on the age group, BB often has camps, sleep-overs, parties, outings, visits, and local and state-wide competitions throughout the year.

What about awards and badges?

In each Section you have the opportunity to earn many awards and badges. There are badges for improving in areas of learning new skills, doing a hobby, developing yourself physically, improving friendships, etc. There are badges for being committed to BB, and understanding about BB. And there are also awards for special achievements - like being a good leader, looking after others and even saving people's lives.

Why Boys only?

We've got nothing against girls - there are just times when it is good to be with just other guys. Some of the games and activities we do aren't liked by girls as much as guys. A lot of the Boys feel more comfortable doing certain things with just other Boys.

Most BB Companies also have a Girls' Brigade Companies operating in the same place with similar programs available for the girls. Contact the local Company for further information.

Why do we wear uniforms?

What you wear can say a lot about who you are or what you are involved with. Uniforms show that you belong to a group and you are proud of that group. The uniform of BB is a 'formal dress' uniform. It is to be worn for formal occasions and encourages you to look neat and presentable.

Why do we meet in a church?

Each Brigade Company is associated with a church. This gives us a place to meet and run our programs. The church usually helps support the Company - by finding the leaders for Brigade, by encouraging the leaders working in BB, and by providing financial aid. We also meet in a church because we think churches are pretty cool places and want to encourage you to go there yourself.

How did BB start?

BB was started in 1883 in Glasgow, Scotland by William Alexander Smith, a Sunday School teacher and 'army reserve' Officer. There wasn't much available for Boys to do. He wanted to teach Boys how to get more out of life, as well as give them lots of fun and challenging things to do. BB started in Australia in Melbourne in 1890.

How big is BB?

Not only are there BB Companies all over Australia, but there are BB Companies all over the world - in practically every country. When you join BB here, you become a member of a world-wide club. There have been millions of Boys and men since 1883 who have been involved in BB. In fact, Scouts, Girl Guides, Girls' Brigade, and many other youth organisations wouldn't be around if it wasn't for BB.

Is it like Scouts?

The first Scouts were actually Boys' Brigaders. Scouts started as part of BB, and later became a separate organisation. There are many similarities. We both have an uniform, have similar activities, and can earn many awards and badges by getting involved in the program. We both also claim to develop Boys in all areas of life- socially, physically, educationally and spiritually. BB tends to have a stronger focus on friendships, leadership, the self-discipline needed to achieve excellence and understanding the Christian faith.

Do we have a motto or object?

We have both! Our motto is " Sure and Stedfast ". It comes from a verse in the Bible (Hebrews 6:19)which talks about the hope we have in Jesus Christ. The spelling of " Stedfast " comes from the King James Version of the Bible.

Our object is: "The Advancement of Christ's Kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a True Christian Manliness."

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Peter Shave (9 Jun 2006)

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