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Important BB Dates

1854     William Alexander Smith born.
1883     BB founded in Glosgow - October 4th
1886     First Camp.
1890     BB started in Australia, original 1st Melbourne Company
1893     Girls’ Brigade of Ireland started.
1895     B.B. started in W.A. - 1st Perth Company.
1896     B.B. started in N.S.W. - 1st Sydney Company.
1897     B.B. started in Queensland - 1st Mackay Company.
1898     B.B. started in Tasmania - 1st Launceston Company.
1899     Boys’ Life Brigade formed (united with BB in 1926)
B.B. started in S.A. - 1st Kent Town Company.
B.B. started in New Guinea - 1st Orokolo Company.
First Australian Council met.
1900     Girls’ Guildry started.
1901     Australian Federation.
1902     Girls’ Life Brigade started.
1908     Boy Scouts started.
1909     William Smith knighted.
1913     King’s Badge (now Queen’s) introduced. 1st Brisbane Company started.
1914     Founder, Sir W Smith, died May 10th, World War I starts.
1915     Founder’s Day inaugurated.
1917     Boy Reserves started (known as The Life Boys from 1926 and The Boys’ Brigade No.1 Section from 1967).
1918     World War I ends.
1921     B.B. Week started.
1929     New 1st Melbourne and 1st Sydney companies started. The Great Depression starts.
1935     The Boys’ Brigade in New South Wales and South Australia adopted the title The British Empire Boys’ Brigade.
1939     Sydney Battalion formed.World War II starts.
1945     World War II ends.
1948     Provisional Federal Advisory Committee formed.
1954     B.B. started in ACT - 1st Canberra Company.
1958     Formation of present Australian Council.
1962     1st Pan Australian Camp, Narrabeen, NSW (Pan Australian Camps have been held every 3 years) Pacific Regional Fellowship formed.
1963     International Camp Scotland.
1966     B.B. World Conference formed.Decimal Currency adopted.
1970     The Boys’ Brigade Australia title adopted.
1975     Papua New Guinea gains independence.
1983     B.B. World Centenary.
1988     Australian Bicentenary.
1990     Australian B.B. Centenary Celebrations.

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