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Juniors Handbook

You, Your Brothers and Leaders

Get ready for adventure, challenge and fun. You are now a Boy in The Boys’ Brigade - since 1883 the oldest uniformed youth organisation in the whole world. Through BB you will get good friends; play exciting games; learn new skills; grow in all areas of your life – physically, educationally, socially and spiritually; go on adventurous outings; compete against Boys from other Companies; and get to know the greatest person of all time - the Lord Jesus Christ. This book contains interesting and useful information to help you get the most out of being involved in The Boys’ Brigade Juniors Section.

Talking like a true Brigade Boy
BB - The Boys’ Brigade is often abbreviated as ‘BB’.
Boy - All members in BB are called a ‘Boy’ - and is always spelt with a capital B.
Leading Boy - A Boy with special responsibilities.
Leader - Any person that helps run BB.
Officer - Leaders that have undergone special training and wear a uniform.
Company - The local BB group.
Section - BB has three Sections depending on your age.
* Anchors (5-7 years old);
* Juniors (8- 12 years old); and
* Seniors (12-18 years old).
Group - Within Juniors, you are placed with other Boys who were born in the same year - this is your ‘Group’.
Session - One year at BB from 1 January to 31 December.
Our Motto - BB’s motto is "Sure and Stedfast."
Our Object - The Object of The Boys’ Brigade is "The Advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-Respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness."

Did you realise
...BB spells the word ‘Stedfast’ in a special way. You will find our motto if you look up a King James Bible in Hebrews, Chapter 6, verse 19. Other Bibles will say something very similar.

Your brothers...

In Your Company
Your Company has different groups or Sections for different ages.
  Anchors is about having fun through a program of games, crafts, singing, and other activities.
  Juniors is your Section and this book tells you all about it.
  Seniors offers even more challenge, fun and excitement.
  Seniors is often split further into Alphas [12-14 years old] and Omegas [15-18 years old]. The activities in Seniors tend to have a greater focus on leadership, adventure, relationships, knowing God deeper, and working to gain the highest award in BB - The Queen’s Badge.
In Your State, Territory and Country
Your Company is part of a greater organisation and can be involved with other Companies in various groupings. There are BB Companies in every State and Territory in Australia. Companies in each State or Territory are grouped into Battalions or Group Councils. These run events during the year like competitions and camps. Try to find out how many Battalions your State has.
In the World
All around the world, there are BB Companies. If you’re interested in writing to a Boy in Brigade in another part of the world, ask your Captain to organise it for you.

Your BB Leaders

BB is for Boys, because you are very important to God and to your family. The BB leaders also believe you are important and that is why they spend time running BB for you. BB Leaders are chosen by the local church to be there for you, so feel free to talk to them about anything you want - especially if you feel bad or need some one to talk to. Leaders who wear uniforms are called Officers and are trained to look after you.
There are five types of leaders:
Captain - He is in charge of the running of all the Sections in your Company.
Chaplain - The Chaplain is usually one of the ministers of the local church and sometimes wears a uniform.
Officer in Charge - This Officer looks after Juniors and can sometimes be the Captain also.
Other Officers - Other Officers can have ranks of Lieutenant, Warrant Officer or Staff Sergeant.
Lieutenants have undergone specialised training.
Warrant Officers are those waiting to undergo training.
Staff Sergeants are very special leaders.
Helpers - Officers sometimes get other people to help run BB. These people don’t wear uniform.

Did you know...
The different Officers have slightly different uniforms. Look closely at their cap badges and their shoulder badges.
Did you know...
Officers that wear a tiny Queen’s Badge on their uniform went through BB as a Boy and earned it.

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Peter Wiseman (12 Feb 2011)

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