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New Posters and Models

BBA is proud to launch a series of new posters and working models highlighting what BB uniquely offers.
gallery/Web_Pages/images/158_1152840456.jpg For contemporary local church work with young people, the biggest challenge is not attracting young people, but helping those who identify as Christians to be committed long-term as fruitful followers of Christ beyond their young life. Long-term results are rarely achieved without long-term work. With that, Brigade is uniquely placed, as it is the only local church children's and youth Christian framework that offers consistent long-term intensive training that spans the entire school-age life of a young person. 
While recognising whatever age they are and the capabilities they have, BB constantly encourages and supports them to always keep developing further in all areas of their lives. This makes BB relevant and attractive to all (those inside and outside the church).

To remind us, encourage us and educate others as to why every church would benefit from Brigade (even if they have other children's and youth programs with different aims), BBA is proud to launch a series of new posters highlighting what BB uniquely offers the body of Christ.

Our movement's biggest challenge today is communicating what we offer and how we can make a difference in a young persons life.
The concept of positive youth development is still foreign to many - but that is what BB is all about. By contributing to the development of a young person, a solid grounding for life is experienced.

Developing resilience in young people through positive youth development activities in a Christian environment is what BB is all about.

Remember no other widespread Christian young people work is intentionally and actively working long-term like Brigade is.


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