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Annual Statistics Returns 2011

Attention Captains - Statistics are never exiting nor something we easily do however they are useful for the Company to assess how they are meeting their targets in an objective way and useful for State Executives to determine how and where they can assist supporting Companies.  BBA uses them to gain an overall view of how the movement is developing and how best to assist and guide the direction the movement takes.  Please take the time to do these when required and as accurately and promptly as possible.

BBA Annual Statistics are to be completed by each Company with the numbers as at the end of June each year, sent to their respective State Offices and they in turn either send a copy direct to me (preferred) or collate and send an state total by the end of July if possible.

There is a MS Excel Spreadsheet of the Annual Company Stats form that can be completed.  In this spreadsheet there is a tab with instructions on how to use it.  Also available is a MS Excel spreadsheet for States to collate the data returned by the individual Companies if they want to use it.  It also has a tab on how to use.

    Annual Statistics Return 2011

Thank you in assisting the your Company and the movement as a whole in taking a realistic view of our organisation.

Barry Sims (National Operations Director)


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